Julian DeVoe

Julian DeVoe is an advocate for personal empowerment, bliss, and thriving health. Through the practices of yoga, personal inquiry, and conscious touch, he encourages self-development and community elevation. With more than a decade of yoga practice in a variety of disciplines, he teaches an interdisciplinary approach that is tailored to the participants. DeVoe offers strengthening, yin, alignment, breathing techniques, and kids yoga with a sense of playfulness for all skill levels.

He teaches internationally, specializing in a variety of purification practices for the body, mindfulness techniques to sharpen self-awareness, and spiritual ascension. He has been working as a craniosacral therapy facilitator, Vedic Thai Yoga therapist, and energetic healer for more than five years.

Julian DeVoe is an evolutionary at heart and is an unwavering advocate for anyone on the path of personal growth and human achievement.