Julianna Raye

Julianna Raye has been training individuals and groups in the Unified Mindfulness system for nearly two decades. She is devoted to deepening people’s understanding of research-supported mindfulness and empowering anyone to guide others in its practice.

With more than 120 weeks of immersive silent retreat training in both the mindfulness and Zen traditions, Julianna has completed over 20,000 hours of formal practice. As chief executive officer, lead content developer, and head trainer at Unified Mindfulness, she is dedicated to disseminating Shinzen Young’s comprehensive mindfulness meditation system through the creation and presentation of educational programs and teacher-training certification programs.

Julianna is also a founding member of Brightmind Meditation, LLC—the developer of the Brightmind mindfulness app. In addition to her work at Unified Mindfulness and Brightmind Meditation, she consults and offers private coaching, and onsite and online mindfulness trainings. She is also the Mindfulness trainer for the Flourishing Leadership Institute. She delivers keynotes, privately coaches executives, celebrities, and entrepreneurs, and leads group trainings for company leaders aiming to support preventative health care and improve the work environment through mindfulness meditation. In these roles, she delivers specific mindfulness strategies tailored to the individual’s or company’s needs.

Julianna led the training for a workplace mindfulness study at Fathom Digital in Ohio. Rigorously designed studies are a rarity in the workplace setting and she co-authored two papers detailing the positive outcomes, which were recently published in the peer-reviewed journals Mindfulness and the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology.