Karen Kipp

Karen Kipp, HHC, holistic health coach and founder of Power Your Journey retreats, has served as a holistic wellness practitioner for 20 years. Her knowledge and passion for well-being empower individuals with the tools they need to manifest their wellness vision.

Kipp offers real-world wellness to individuals with busy, real-world lives. Her deep commitment to compassionately caring for the individual challenges is the catalyst for real change and renewed vibrancy. As a single mother and entrepreneur with experience in the nonprofit and corporate world, she deeply understands the challenges we face in integrating optimal wellness into our lives and has answers to facilitate that journey.

Nationally and internationally, Karen Kipp facilitates groups and individuals in cleansing, wellness coaching, workshops on juicing, detoxing, whole/raw food preparation and conducts innovative juice fasting and wellness retreats regularly. With quarterly juice cleanses offered online worldwide, and her signature juices featured in local restaurants, she is an expert in juicing and cleansing. She is also committed to community service and promoting crosscultural exchanges, serving in the nonprofit world and on the Board of Woodland Charities for more than 20 years collectively, she offers international retreats that promote balancing giving and receiving.