Kathy Grosso

Kathy Grosso, ACC, is a coach, facilitator, and mentor with a strong focus on contribution to community and aligning with what matters. She coaches in the nonprofit, government, health-care, and education sectors and has applied coaching to community change initiatives including racial equity, early childhood programs, and K-12 Family Engagement to Protective Factors.

Grosso combines coaching skills with 30+ years of educational background to provide individuals, groups, and organizations with the resources and capacity to change, grow, and contribute in ways that are creative, life-sustaining, and transformative.

Grosso is a Certified Community Coach and co-developed Leadership that Works' Community Coaching Certification program. She earned her Masters degree from Western Michigan University and became a Certified Professional Coach through Coaching for Transformation. She is a member of the International Coach Federation and a graduate of the Civic and Community Leadership program.