Keith McCandless

Keith McCandless, MA, a founding partner of the Social Invention Group, specializes in organization development, complexity science, business strategy, and graphic facilitation—all with an improvisational twist.

McCandless met Henri Lipmanowicz while serving on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Plexus Institute. Together they created Liberating Structures, a system that creates tiny microstructural changes in the way people meet, plan, decide and learn together, which quickly fosters lively participation in groups of any size and makes it possible to truly include and unleash everyone in shaping the future.

Keith McCandless holds a master’s in management of human services, is a former leader of executive learning initiatives for the Health Forum in San Francisco, and was founder and executive director of the Foundation for Health Care Quality in Seattle.

His passion is helping people in organizations innovate and manage complexity by working with groups to unleash creativity, discover opportunities, and build on momentum.