Keith Mitchell

Keith Mitchell

Keith Mitchell was a linebacker in the NFL for the New Orleans Saints, Houston Texans, and Jacksonville Jaguars, and was named to the Pro Bowl. After a paralyzing injury in a game, he found the practices of yoga and meditation opened his mind, body, and soul to a new life.

Mitchell shares his passion with a wide audience, including athletes, men, and anyone who wishes to live a life of liberation, joy, and inspiration.

What People are Saying About Keith Mitchell

"Keith's generosity and spirit highlight the real benefits of living in a mindful nation. His story and personal practice can help inspire our nation to be more compassionate."
—United States Congressman Tim Ryan

"Keith's story crystallizes the healing power of yoga and meditation. Not only is his practice beautiful and strong, but Keith embodies the values of mindfulness through his compassion and generosity. He is universally inspiring and has the power to bring yoga and mindfulness to a broader audience around the world."
—Jeff Kraso, founder of Wanderlust

"Keith Mitchell is someone we depend on as a regular guest to our nationally syndicated radio show due to his unique outlook on life, sports and overcoming challenges. What other all star athlete do you know who overcame a career ending  injury, and turned that "misfortune" into an opportunity to enlighten people on the power of thought, our breath, and yoga as tools to transform our lives? Keith rocks! "
—David Essel, radio host on iHeart Radio