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Kia Miller

Kia Miller

Kia Miller has spent 20 years studying, practicing, and teaching yoga throughout the world and is a senior teacher and teacher trainer at YogaWorks in California.

Once a successful model and filmmaker, the Falkland Islands native moved to England at age 15, where she soon began to practice yoga. She has studied with world-renowned teachers in India, Europe, and the United States ever since, and has been certified in Ashtanga Yoga as well as in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

About her time in India, she writes in the Huffington Post: “The trip to India would end my modeling career. I went back to London and rode around the tube with a bindi on my forehead. I would show up at castings feeling totally out of place. It held no meaning for me any longer.” In Los Angeles she steeped herself in yoga, studying with many American masters. But it was India to which she owes the depth of her practice.

Kia Miller has written for Yoga Journal and appears on the magazine’s cover for the January 2012 issue. She has produced two CDs: Radiant Body Yoga: Core Energy and Radiant Body Yoga: Sun Energy.