Lars Muhl

Lars Muhl is a Danish mystic and musician who has been practicing and studying spirituality since childhood. Muhl has studied the world’s religions since his first spiritual encounter at age 15, when someone anonymously mailed him a book of aphorisms by Hazrat Inayat Khan. Later, he became the apprentice to the seer Calle de Montségur, who Muhl wrote about in his classic trilogy The O Manuscript (The Seer, The Magdalene, and The Grail) and also featured in the documentary film The Seer. Muhl’s books—The O Manuscript, The Law of the Light, and The Gate of Light—have been published in more than two dozen countries and translated into 10 languages.

Muhl is trained in the mystery schools of the Essenes and the Hermetics, and has studied the Aramaic language of Yeshua for 30 years. He is travelling the world teaching the old healing methods of Yeshua and Mariam.

Muhl is married to sound healer Githa Ben-David, who he featured as the subject of the documentary film The Note From Heaven. Muhl and Ben-David have recorded two albums of spiritual songs together: To Heal the Space Between Us and Zeros.