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Les Fehmi


Les Fehmi

Les Fehmi, PhD, is director of the Princeton Biofeedback Centre and a founding member the Biofeedback Society of America. He is creator of Open Focus™ attention training techniques, which are endorsed by Dr. Andrew Weil and Bob Ward, former conditioning coach for the Dallas Cowboys, among others. He also specializes in multichannel, phase-synchrony neurofeedback.

Fehmi has developed and patented phase-sensitive EEG biofeedback instrumentation and training programs. He has also been invited by the U.S. Olympic Development Committee to train world class athletes in Open Focus™ and biofeedback.

Les Fehmi is author of The Open-Focus BrainDissolving Pain, and many publications in the field of biofeedback, and coauthor of the Application Standards and Guidelines for Biofeedback Providers.