Lesley Tierra

Lesley Tierra, LAc, is author of Healing With the Herbs of Life, Healing With Chinese Herbs, and The Herbs of Life, and coauthor, with Michael Tierra, of Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine. She has taught throughout the United States and England since 1983. Early in her career in herbal healing, Tierra joined her teacher, Michael Tierra, who would become her husband and business partner, to develop a correspondence course on herbal healing at the soon-to-be-named East West School. The number of students enrolled in the program soon grew from a handful to hundreds. In 2006, the Tierras developed the East West Certified Herbalist Degree credential.

The curriculum is now called Planetary Herbology, a term coined by Lesley Tierra in the early 80s. Planetary Herbology is an eclectic approach to herbal medicine that integrates plants and diagnostic tools from the three major healing traditions of the world—Western, East Indian Ayurvedic, and traditional Chinese healing systems.

Lesley Tierra also developed Radiance Quest, a synthesis of ancient mystical and shamanic practices combined with modern psychotherapeutic techniques designed to help people discover their unique mythic journey, clear limiting core beliefs and cyclical patterns, and manifest dreams. She brings an eclectic background to her healing work, having steeped herself psychotherapy, shamanic medicine, shamanic journeying postures, vision questing, dreamwork, traditional Chinese medicine, and Western and Eastern mysticism.