Linda Mackenzie

Linda Mackenzie

Linda Mackenzie has a 50-year track record in the world of paranormal phenomena. As a psychic, lecturer, and multi-book author she has appeared on many television programs and in several award-winning documentaries. Mackenzie is considered one of the world's most profound and respected psychics. 

Having realized her psychic abilities at the age of eight, Mackenzie found she could talk to angels and ghosts. It would be years later, however, before she would seriously harness her psychic abilities and begin establishing herself as one of the world's most profound and respected psychics, providing her expertise to many celebrities, politicians, and companies. As a member of the International Society for Paranormal Research, Mackenzie was part of many paranormal investigations, including helping discern paranormal activity for the British government and aiding the Los Angeles Police Department.

On the radio since 1996, her syndicated Linda Mackenzie Show is heard in over 130 countries. Mackenzie provides her listeners with useful information on life and health, a range of cutting-edge guests, and a welcoming environment for audience participation. In 2006, she received the ABI Great Women of the 21st Century for Radio Broadcasting. This multi-business entrepreneur is the founder of - All Positive Talk Radio Network.

A member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, Mackenzie was also honored with a Certificate of Appreciation for Furthering the Profession from the International Association of Clinical Hypnotherapists and acclaimed as one of AIH's "most prolific creative minds".

Linda lives in Southern California.