Lindsay Wagner

Lindsay Wagner, best known for her Emmy award-winning role as Jaime Sommers in The Bionic Woman, went on to appear in more than 40 television movies, along with several miniseries, specials, and feature films.

For four decades, while she was working as one of the nation’s most popular television and screen actors, appearing in films like Shattered Dreams, The Taking of Flight 846, and Evil in a Clear River, Wagner was also pursuing vigorous studies in holistic healing modalities.

Wagner has worked in advocacy and public education in the areas of human rights, animal welfare, and the environment for many years. In 1993, she joined the board of directors of Teen Talking Circles (formerly the Daughters and Sisters Project), a nonprofit that helps young people make the transition to adulthood. In 2004, she cofounded the Peacemakers Community, a nonprofit organization that offers families and individuals more constructive and peaceful ways of relating to each other and oneself to help end the cycle of family violence. Her advocacy work utilized a range of psychological techniques and spiritual encouragement.

As a result of her personal experience and years of study, Wagner now facilitates Quiet the Mind & Open the Heart workshops and retreats for the public as well as for special interest groups, sharing the techniques and realizations that have greatly impacted her life. The program is designed to help people access the peace and joy that is naturally within them.

Lindsay Wagner is also the coauthor of two books—a best-selling vegetarian lifestyle cookbook, The High Road to Health, and a book on acupressure, Lindsay Wagner's New Beauty: The Acupressure Facelift.