Lisa Bennett

Lisa Bennett is a leader in transformational healing and has been teaching a therapeutic approach to yoga and meditation for more than 30 years. She is known to many through her appearance on Yoga Zone TV and their line of videos. She is currently the cofounder and director of The Sacred Healing Earth Art’s Center known as SHEA Tree Center. With locations in Garrison, the North Fork of Long Island, and Manhattan, SHEA Tree Center is a nonprofit spiritual and educational center that offers classes, workshops, retreats, and trainings in the areas of sacred movement, therapeutic yoga, meditation, nature awareness, sound healing, expressive arts, and the preservation of Indigenous wisdom.
Lisa is the codirector of the Mind-Body Therapy Department at Health, a complementary health-care center in New York City founded by Dr. William Fair of Memorial Sloan Kettering. While there, she codeveloped a 1,000-hour therapeutic yoga teacher training certification program. Lisa is the star of Anchor Bay’s Healing Yoga line of videos and she has participated in writing, developing, and producing over 23 retail videos and DVD releases. Her Yoga Zone: Power Yoga video was rated number one by Natural Health magazine. She is also on the staff of The Tracking Project, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to educating youth in the skills of traditional tracking, Indigenous wisdom, and nature awareness.

Lisa became a yoga teacher through private training with ISHTA Master Yogiraj Alan Finger. Her classes have been rated as the "best high energy in the country" by Allure magazine. Her teaching transmits her experience of yoga as a path to self-acceptance and spiritual meaning.