Lisa Schwarz

Lisa Schwarz, MEd, is a licensed psychologist, consultant, and international educator with a private practice in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and a training venue in Beulah, Colorado. Her work is a combination of psychotherapy, neuroscience, and spirituality that facilitates healing from traumatic events.

Schwarz is creator of the Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM), an innovative therapeutic method that combines psychotherapy, neuroscience, and spirituality for working with dissociative disorders, attachment disorders, and gestational/generational trauma.

She is a certified Trauma Model practitioner from the Colin Ross Institute, is certified in Ruby Gibson’s Somatic Archaeology, Robert Schrei’s Sourcepoint Therapy, and practices Usui Reiki. Schwarz is the author of The Comprehensive Resource Model: Effective Techniques for Healing Complex PTSD, and CRM was a Newsweek magazine cover story in April 2017.

Schwarz was the Senior Brainspotting trainer in the United States from 2007-2014, when she began to focus solely on CRM.