Llyn Cedar Roberts, MA, is an award-winning author and acclaimed teacher of Earth-based healing and shamanism. She teaches experiential methods that can be applied to everyday life in order to turn crisis and fear into opportunities and to heal us and our relationship with the natural living world. Her work incorporates her background in Tibetan Buddhism, contemplative psychotherapy, work in remote locations with diverse indigenous groups for 25 years, east and west body-mind approaches to healing, and extended time in wilderness locations.

Her books include the 2015 Gold Nautilus Award winning Speaking with Nature (coauthored with Sandra Ingerman), the Independent Publisher’s Award winning Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness, Shamanic Reiki, and The Good Remembering.

Former director of the nonprofit organization Dream Change, founded by John Perkins, Llyn is the founder of the Olympic Mountain EarthWisdom Circle (OMEC), dedicated to inspiring a sacred and responsible relationship with the Earth and to preserving the wisdom of ancient cultures. 

Llyn holds a master's of arts degree in Buddhist and Western Psychology from Naropa University and was initiated by shamans in South America and Siberia. She has trained extensively with Ecuadorian Quechua healers and has facilitated sacred journeys to indigenous people living in diverse and remote regions of the Amazon Basin, Siberia, the high Andes of Ecuador, and on ancient Mayan lands in Guatemala. Her work emphasizes an expanded paradigm of well-being that is essential to our own and the planet's health as we move together through increasingly complex times.

The founder of Shamanic Reiki Worldwide, she has facilitated transformational and healing programs at the Omega Institute for almost 25 years. A modern day mystic and spiritual ecologist, Llyn Cedar Roberts through her work inspires a deep sense of belonging with the natural world.