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Maria Sarro

Maria Sarro

Founder and director of Beyond Rock, Maria Sarro, and her staff have delivered their highly acclaimed Beyond Rock program for a decade. Experts at creating safe and encouraging learning environments, they have extensive professional and teaching experience in rock and roll performance, vocal and instrument instruction, improvisation, and community building.

Sarro brings a diverse background from the fields of business and administration as well as the arts and education to her “rock music school” program for kids ages 7–17. She has worked as a technology consultant and project manager at Anderson Consulting, Morgan Stanley, and Deutsche Bank, where in the “after hours” she participated in more than 80 classes, conferences, and workshops to develop her talents in the areas of singing, music, acting, dance, personal growth, leadership, facilitation, and more. She has performed in numerous theatrical productions, sung with bands at many public events, and facilitated workshops in schools and at conferences.

Maria Sarro left the corporate world to found a charter school serving more than 200 children in the Bronx, New York. She was involved in all aspects of school design and implementation. Inspired to see the kind of empowering, memorable, and fun-filled musical experience that she would have loved as a kid, she create Beyond Rock, a place to develop young musicians in a supportive community, where kids can find their voice, move past their fears, and experience confidence that they will carry throughout their lives.

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