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Marilyn Whall

Marilyn Whall

Marilyn Whall is a spiritual medium from Sydney, Australia, where she leads classes, performs public demonstrations, and offers private readings in person or by phone. Renowned for her accuracy, compassion, and insight, Whall has appeared on numerous television and radio shows.

Whall has worked professionally as a spiritual medium for many years and has a client base that stretches from Australia to New Zealand, the United States, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. Relying on evidence from the living survivors to authenticate messages from family, friends, and loved ones in the spirit world, Whall uses her gifts as a spiritual medium to convey the spirit’s messages.

Marilyn Whall has been featured in Good Health & Medicine magazine and is endorsed on James Van Praagh’s website as a spiritual medium and contact in Australia. She was has been featured as a guest speaker in the James Van Praagh chat room. Whall also appeared as a guest medium on inSpirit TV, which aired in 2011 on TVS in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.




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