We are deeply saddened by the passing of beloved Omega teacher Marion Woodman. Godspeed into the great light, Marion.

Marion Woodman, PhD, was a widely read and acclaimed author, a leader in women's spirituality and feminine consciousness, and a Jungian analyst. Internationally acclaimed for her work as a "bridge builder between the male and female worlds," the former high school English and drama teacher had, in the years since she enrolled in Zurich's C.G. Jung Institute, earned a name as a groundbreaking analyst with a rare understanding of the role of the feminine in bringing about personal and cultural transformation.

Perhaps best known for her videotaped workshop with men's movement leader Robert Bly, Bly and Woodman on Men and Women, she was also the best-selling author of many books, including Addiction to Perfection, The Ravaged Bridegroom: Masculinity in Women, Conscious Femininity, Leaving My Father's House, and, with psychologist Elinor Dickson, Dancing in the Flames: The Black Goddess in the Transformation of Consciousness, and Bone: Dying Into Life

In Woodman's presence, and in her books, the often enigmatic world of Jungian archetypal psychology became accessible to anyone, and especially to women on a quest for wholeness. Woodman believed that centuries of "patriarchal thinking" had stripped the soul from the inner and outer lives of individuals and in the world. To recover the soul, she believed, we must engage with the complex shadow world of the unconscious and go beyond absolute, either/or thinking to embrace the "dance of opposites."

The Marion Woodman Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded to ensure the work initiated in BodySoul Rhythms® Intensives, created by Woodman, Mary Hamilton, and Ann Skinner, continues and flourishes.