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Mark Lilly

Mark Lilly

Mark Lilly, director of Insight Communication, is founder and president of Street Yoga, a nonprofit based in Portland, Oregon. Along with sharing the practice of yoga with thousands of youth, he conducts workshops in mindful communication and has developed many special yoga curricula in addition to the core and advanced Street Yoga trainings, including specialized work for young patients recovering from illness or injury in the hospital, young people recovering from sexual abuse, and adults moving through entrenched traumas or grappling with high-intensity communications.

Mark Lilly was initially inspired to share yoga from his personal experience with yoga practice and his extensive work with homeless youth in Portland. His teaching emphasizes cultivation of the best within each of us and the authentic stories and experiences that illuminate our being and drive our teaching to places of deep truthfulness. Through it all, he brings a lightness and love to his teaching that is rooted in humility, grace, and joy.

He is also a software engineer, educator, and social entrepreneur.

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