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Markus Ray

Markus Ray

Markus Ray is a painter, poet, and one of the world’s master teachers of A Course In Miracles. He is coauthor of Liberation Breathing® and travels internationally to teach on topics such as holy relationships, creativity, miracles, and divine love. He often teaches with his life-partner and wife Sondra Ray.

Markus Ray's spiritual quest has taken him to India many times, where Master Sri Muniraj bestowed upon him the spiritual name Man Mohan—“the poet who steals the hearts of the people.”

For nearly 20 years, Markus Ray studied under spiritual master Tara Singh, a man dedicated to spreading the modern-day scripture and teachings contained within A Course in Miracles. Under Tara Singh’s guidance, Markus became particularly attentive to the Holy Encounter or darshan experienced in the presence of both modern-day and ancient Holy Beings. It is this holy vision on the face of the Divine that his sacred portraits now capture—imparting a unique blessing and inspiring miracles in the lives of viewers.

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