Marta Szabo, codirector of Authentic Writing, has been a writer and editor since her teens. She was an editor in mass-market paperbacks, then in magazines, interspersing these early careers with a serious pursuit of yoga and meditation. She chronicles the 10 years she lived in a Siddha Yoga ashram (a yogic monastery) in her memoir The Guru Looked Good.

Szabo earned a master of fine arts degree in creative writing from Goddard College and has completed hundreds of short pieces and a second memoir, The Imposters. She regularly teaches Authentic Writing workshops in the Hudson Valley, Manhattan, and throughout the country and has brought the workshop to young people in colleges and schools, cancer survivors, young leaders, at-risk teens, and young men in correctional facilities.

She is creator of FRICTION, a biannual journal of writing from the Authentic Writing workshops, and Ink in the Air, a creative writing radio show that appeared on Radio Catskill WJFF. She lives in Woodstock, New York, with her husband and Authentic Writing founder, writer Fred Poole, and is completing a third memoir.


What People are Saying About Marta Szabo


“Marta Szabo writes with a searing insight.”
—Martha Frankel, author of Hats & Eyeglasses
“Marta’s writing enriched my life.”
—Alphie McCourt, author of A Long Stone’s Throw