The Mayapuris are a kirtan band breathing new life into sacred 5,000-year-old songs, inspiring yogis, swamis, rock stars, and everyday people to sing, dance, and be transported. Hailing from the American South, Sweden, Columbia, and India, the young drummers, singers, and dancers that make up The Mayapuris were connected by the tiny West Bengal city of Mayapur, the birthplace of modern kirtan.

The Mayapuris began performing academic-style music demonstrations, but quickly developed their own wild, showmanship style. Raised in the mystic traditions of ancient India, they fuse the soul stirring experience of mantra music with exceptional musicianship in both eastern and western styles. They have toured across six continents propelled by their thunderous rhythm and soaring vocals. Their sound moves the body and ignites the heart.

Their debut album Mridanga reached the top ten on the iTunes World Music charts, and their most recent release “Nine Islands” topped the charts in the New Age category, receiving exceptional critical review. Touring for more than 10 years, the Mayapuris have shared their electrifying stage show at the world’s most prestigious yoga and music venues throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. Their distinctive sound is the product of a shared love of kirtan, global upbringings, a punk rock attitude, and a genuine desire to serve the world with powerful, uplifting music.

What People are Saying About The Mayapuris

“The Mayapuris are the young tigers of kirtan. Their powerful and extremely moving music instantly transports me to the ancient days, when we walked together in the footsteps of the great ones.”
—Jai Uttal, kirtan recording artist of the Grammy-nominated Mondo Rama
“These gorgeous young Mayapuris are the answer to the absolute divine joy of music, dance, and drums, all mixed together into a beautiful, breathtaking experience. They vibrate with pulsating energy, shine with beauty from the inside out, and make you feel as if you can fly. My soul can’t stop smiling when they start to do their thing.”
—C.C. White, kirtan singer and performer featured in the VH1 production of Rock With Rod Stewart
“Singing with the Mayapuris awakens an urgency in me. Our 5,000-year-old kirtan tradition has been reinvented by these young, passionate artists. Explosive. Quixotic. Stunning. Kirtan with the Mayapuris is like riding a rocket to the world of Krishna.”
—Gaura Vani, kirtan recording artist of Ten Million Moons