Meg Feeney

Meg Feeney

Meg Feeney is an Essentrics® master trainer and level 3 instructor. She works at the Essentrics head office in content development, specializing in the development of the Essentrics curriculum for age reversing and restorative workouts.

Meg has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and education from McGill University, and has mentored hundreds of Essentrics instructors with her deep understanding of the learning process.

Having apprenticed directly with Essentrics creator Miranda Esmonde-White, she designed the first aging backwards pre-choreographed workout and Essentrics release workouts for beginners. She is also featured with Miranda in the workout video, Essentrics Stretch Series Volume 1.

Meg is also passionate about children. She is the co-star of a performance troop for kids, a key member of the team leading scientific studies on the effects of Essentrics for pain relief in adolescents, and is working to develop Essentrics workouts for children.


Meg Feeney at Omega