Melissa Fristrom

Melissa Fristrom

Melissa Fristrom, PsyD, MBA, is a senior executive turned professional coach.

She founded her company, Core Allies, to assist clients for the duration of their careers in areas such as leadership development, entrepreneurial success, and career change. Her clients include individuals, corporations, and top-tier business schools.

Before founding Core Allies, Fristrom had extensive business and leadership experience in a wide range of situations, from Fortune 500 companies (General Mills, Hasbro, IBM, and Polaroid) to start-up ventures; from for-profit to nonprofit endeavors; in locations from Jamaica to Africa to the United States; and from successful companies to cash-strapped firms.

In addition to her business experience, Fristrom is also interested in the unconscious repetitions that can prevent people from making sustainable changes in their lives. This interest led to a study of psychoanalysis, where she acquired clinical experience and a doctorate degree. Her dissertation is titled Self-Generated Limits to Success: A Case in Moving On.

Fristrom has found that the insights she has gained from her studies allow her to identify the often unconscious factors limiting her clients’ success.