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Melissa Kathryn

Melissa Kathryn, founder and owner of Radiance, is a weight loss specialist in the field of holistic nutrition. A certified holistic nutrition, fitness, and fashion guru, she works with women to help them lose weight and love their bodies.

Melissa received her certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and for more than a decade has been studying better ways to help women break out of the yo-yo dieting, deprivation cycle, and help them thrive in life.

Combining her holistic weight loss training with background in fitness, she offers one-on-one and group coaching services to help women love their bodies, lose weight, and transform their lives. As a life coach. Melissa Kathryn helps clients cultivate their dream bodies and to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle, learning how to nurture body, mind, and spirit through positive thinking and passionate living.

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