Meredith Heuer

Meredith Heuer

Meredith Heuer was born and raised in Detroit, MI.  She was drawn very early to photography, spending much of her childhood pouring over her parents’ encyclopedias and books of photography.

When she was 16, she received her first camera for Christmas and spent that day roaming around her cold but sunny, inner-city Detroit neighborhood making pictures of anyone she could find: her first portraits.

While never formally trained in photography, she was able to teach herself its technical aspects in the campus darkroom, where she worked, while a student at UC Berkeley.  With access to both the darkroom and studio after closing time, she spent hours and hours there: printing and experimenting with her own work.

After college, she moved to New York City and combined her recently acquired technical skills together with her early interest in photography.  She was quickly swept up into the editorial world, traveling the globe, and winning awards, for magazines such as Fortune, Gourmet and Travel & Leisure. Her assignments have ranged from apples to Arnold Schwarzenegger but portraiture remains her passion.

For 25 years she has been photographing editorial and commercial projects around the world and is currently settled with her family in Beacon, NY.