Miriam Tassone

Miriam Tassone is a steward, doula, and Circle Program Collaborator of WisdomWomen. 

Miriam is a thought leader in individual and organizational transformation. Miriam believes it is time for us as women to lead our communities forward in honoring the Earth and cocreating a thriving world for all beings. She is focused on creating and convening evolutionary conversations and rites of passage rituals to celebrate and sustain connection. 

Tassone is the co-founder of Australian consulting firm Be Learning and the founder and managing partner of USA cooperative Momentum, a social enterprise focused on using Collective Wisdom practices for social profit and community learning in organizations. She uses her experience of birthing communities and businesses to support the growing movement that is WisdomWomen.

Her commitment to collective wisdom shapes the circle practices and forms of radical co-creation within WisdomWomen. Her calling is to be a doula, a birth companion, for the women of this community.  The intention of a doula is to ensure the mother feels safe and confident before, during and after birth. Miriam utilizes the network and resources of WisdomWomen to assist community members in birthing their dreams and projects in the world. She is committed to the realization of community and generative growth in our world.