Mohamad Chakaki

Mohamad Chakaki

Mohamad Chakaki, MEM, is a planner, educator, facilitator, and writer focusing on urban ecology and environmental design.  

Chakaki consults on environmental and community development projects in both the United States and the Arab Middle East. His intellectual and professional interests lie where the lines blur between East and West, cities and nature, art and science.

He co-founded the Green Muslims network in Washington, D.C., and is a Senior Fellow of the Environmental Leadership Program, which supports the development of visionary, action-oriented, and diverse leaders of a just and sustainable future. 

He has also served as a faculty member and affiliated trainer with the Center for Whole Communities, an organization that fosters inclusive communities strongly rooted in place and where all people—regardless of income, race, or background—can access a healthy relationship with the natural world.

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