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Mukti Michael Buck

Mukti Michael Buck

Mukti Michael Buck is the founder and director of the Vedic Conservatory. Deemed an architect of contemporary Vedic-style yoga massage, his 2007 induction into the World Massage Hall of Fame praised him for his career of unconditional loving service to humanity, as demonstrated through his many years of continuous traveling and teaching.

A graduate of the notable Lek Chaya and Sunshine Schools in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Buck has shared his gifts of Thai-Yoga Bodywork at the best yoga centers, massage schools, and health resorts nationally and abroad, teaching more than 1,000 hours each year since 1996. He has issued initiating certificates to nearly 10,000 pupils in seven countries, and has documented more than 13,000 private sessions.

His prior bodywork training includes graduation from the Swedish Institute, the Ohashi Institute, and the Anma Institute, where he was awarded instructor certification. Buck received level three instructor status from the International Thai Therapy Association in 1995. Each year between 1996 and 2000, Buck sponsored monthlong student learning tours to Thailand to authenticate ancient Siamese culture and Thai massage experience.

A formally ordained Hare Krishna monastic, Buck has been instrumental in opening several yoga and meditation centers worldwide.