Naima Penniman

Naima Penniman

Naima Penniman is a multi-dimensional artist, activist, healer, farmer, and educator committed to social, environmental, racial, and gender justice, planetary health, and love expansion.

She is the cofounder of Wildseed, a black- and brown-led, feminine-centered, queer-loving, earth-based intentional community and healing sanctuary focused on transformative justice and intergenerational responsibility.

She is the cofounder/co-artistic director of Climbing PoeTree, an internationally-acclaimed performance duo that uses art as a tool for popular education, community activism, and personal transformation.

She is also the founder of Ayiti Resurrect, a grassroots collective of African-heritage healers, artists, and farmers from the diaspora working in solidarity with earthquake survivors in a rural community in Haiti.

Penniman is a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner, a member of a collective of black women-identified healers called Harriet's Apothecary, and a cofacilitator of the Black and Latinx Farmers Immersion program at Soul Fire Farm, where she is also a board member.

She is devoted to subverting injustice, igniting imagination, and fostering collaborations that invite people to put their deepest values into practice and promote the healing of ourselves, our communities, our lineages, and our descendants.

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