Naomi Hollard

Naomi Hollard

Naomi Hollard is a Franco-Caribbean organizer for the Sunrise Movement who has been based at Philadelphia and Columbia University.

In 2017, her family in the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe was hit by Hurricane Maria. When the Sunrise Movement sat in Nancy Pelosi‚Äôs office November 2018 in support of the Green New Deal, she joined the organization days later. In January 2019, she founded a Sunrise Movement hub at Columbia University. 

She recruited more than 300 members and organized 50 active members over the course of the spring semester. On March 15, she organized a youth climate strike at Columbia that hosted Washington State Governor Jay Inslee and was attended by hundreds of students. 

Hollard is a Sunrise spokesperson and director of distributed trainings. She helps advance the next generation of climate leaders by organizing trainings throughout the United States.

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