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Narween Otto

Narween Otto

Narween Otto, born and raised in Australia, has been a student of Yoga since 1995 and has been teaching since 2002. She traveled to India and Nepal in 2004 to live in the ashram of her teacher, Swami Chidvilasananda, where she also taught Hatha Yoga as her seva (selfless service) and studied meditation, yogic scripture, and Ayurveda. In the ashram, while suffering from a chronic low-back injury, Narween Otto was first exposed to Pilates. Upon returning to the United States, she rigorously studied as an apprentice of Joseph Pilates’ protégé, Romana Kryzanoswka.

Narween Otto has taught at California State University in Los Angeles and Vira Yoga in New York, among other places, and currently maintains a schedule of classes with Equinox. With a clear, detailed style and a playful perspective, she teaches Pilates (mat and full apparatus), Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Foam Roller Stretch to group classes and private clients. She endeavors to support all her clients in their wellness and fitness goals, while always remembering that we are each on our own unique journey toward the sublime.

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