Natalie Goldberg

Natalie Goldberg

Natalie Goldberg is author of Writing Down The Bones: Freeing The Writer Within, which broke open the world of creativity and started a revolution in the way we practice writing. The book has sold more than one million copies and been translated into 14 languages. Since then she has written nine other books, including Wild Mind: Living the Writer’s Life and the novel Banana Rose.

Goldberg is also a prolific painter. Her book Living Color: A Writer Paints Her World, describes painting as her second art form. Top of My Lungs contains 40 poems, 20 of her paintings in color, and an essay, “How Poetry Saved My Life.”

Natalie Goldberg has been teaching seminars on writing as a practice for the last 30 years. A film crew from The Oprah Winfrey Show spent a day with Goldberg for a segment on spirituality that covered her writing, teaching, painting, and walking meditation.

What People Are Saying About Natalie Goldberg

“The secret of creativity, Natalie Goldberg makes clear, is to subtract rules for writing, not add them. It’s a process of ‘uneducation’ rather than education. Proof that she knows what she’s talking about is abundant in her own sentences. They flow with speed and grace and accuracy and simplicity. It looks easy to a reader, but writers know it is the hardest writing of all.”
—Robert Pirsig, author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

“[Goldberg is] an author who knows how to zero in on the truth, and lead others there as well. If you’re serious about finding that voice inside yourself, Natalie Goldberg is a teacher you have to meet.”
—Steve Almond, author of Candyfreak and (Not That You Asked)

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