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Neil Kramer

Neil Kramer

Neil Kramer is a writer, philosopher, and esotericist. His work focuses principally on spirituality, mysticism, metaphysics, and consciousness. He explores the relationship between esoteric spirituality and many of the social and cultural factors that influence our everyday lives. Attention is drawn to embracing truth, confronting the negative, and transforming self.

The author of The Unfoldment, Kramer is renowned for his broad experiential knowledge of interconnected philosophical, spiritual, mystical, Hermetic, and alchemical disciplines, which he uses to formulate his cosmology and practice.

Kramer has spent time with several orders dedicated to the wisdom of the ancient world. His synthesis of spiritual wisdom, social critique, anti-authoritarianism, deep knowledge-base, inventive language, and no-nonsense approach, has helped to develop his reputation as a widely respected figure in mystical, spiritual, and alternative communities.

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