Nick Flynn

Nick Flynn

Nick Flynn is a writer, playwright, and poet. His most recent publication is The Reenactments, which chronicles his experience during the making of Being Flynn, a movie starring Robert De Niro, based on Flynn's acclaimed 2004 memoir, Another Bullshit Night in Suck City

He is also the author of three collections of poetry, including Some Ether, which won the PEN/Joyce Osterweil Award, and Blind Huber.

Flynn’s poems, essays, and nonfiction have appeared in the New Yorker and the Paris Review, and on NPR’s This American Life. His film credits include “field poet” and artistic collaborator for the film Darwin’s Nightmare, which was nominated for an Academy Award for best feature documentary in 2006. He has been awarded fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation and the Library of Congress, and currently teaches creative writing at the University of Houston.

What People are Saying About Nick Flynn

“Flynn’s talents are considerable—he has a compelling voice and a wry sense of humor, especially about himself.”
New York Times

“Nick Flynn has given us one of the most terrifying families in American letters, though he approaches each character in his ferocious, inventive memoir with an almost radical sense of compassion, as if all that any of us could do were to stumble ahead with the burdens we are given.”
—Mark Doty, poet

“[Nick Flynn’s] poems establish their emotional authority through their very movement—their wayward, whispering music. At once reckless and demure, outrageous and delicate.”
—Judges’ statement for the 1999 PEN/Joyce Osterweil Award

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