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Normandie Keith (Dharam Prakash Kaur)

Normandie Keith (Dharam Prakash Kaur) has always been a seeker, studying different theologies and traveling extensively in search of her spiritual home. Kundalini yoga taught her that she had carried her spiritual home within all along.
From her first Kundalini class she has immersed herself in this heart opening technology that she feels is vital to all in the Aquarian Age.
Having discovered Gurmukh’s book when she was pregnant, Normandie is passionate about pre-natal yoga and nurturing mothers and the pure Lights that they are bringing into the world.
Her classes focus on the journey within, the open and loving heart and the beauty of service to all.
Through the grace and radiance of his teachings, Yogi Bhajan taught us “if we can’t see God in all, we can’t see God at all”. Normandie helps us find the God within through kriyas and meditations that reconnect you to the infinite, Divine Love.

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