OM C. Parkin

Master OM C. Parkin is a renowned European wisdom teacher and the founder of the mystery school Enneallionce and Gut Saunstorf, a modern monastery. His books include Birth of the Lion, and Intelligence of Awakening. He has been helping people find their true nature for more than 30 years and founded the modern satsang movement in Europe. 

OM embodies in his work the link between Eastern non-duality and Christian mysticism, of depth psychology and philosophy, beyond the limits of religions and confessions. In the course of this, he often refers to the tradition of advaita, which has been revived in the 20th century by Shri Ramana Maharshi, Shri H.W.L. Poonja, the American Gangaji and others (neo advaita). OM acts in the tradition of these teachers and by rooted in early Christian teaching. His work in the tradition of silence can be described by three functions: teacher (of wisdom), healer (of the soul), seer (of the heart).