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Paolo Spoladore

Paolo Spoladore

Paolo Spoladore, affectionately called Donpa, has been teaching his unique process of healing, called the PneumoPsicoSoma Principle®, since 1980. For many years he traveled along a path of discovery in search of the divine laws responsible for all life and existence. This search resulted in knowledge that he is inspired to transmit to people’s hearts, humbly but using every possible means, through training courses on human communication and the production of music and books awakening the soul and praising God. Spoladore's training courses in Italy are consistently sold out and he is excited to bring his teachings to the American people. 

A priest and musician known for his uplifting spiritual music, Paolo Spoladore is founder of Usiogope, in Venice, Italy. Usiogope ("do not fear" in Swahili) is a Christian-inspired multimedia publisher with the long-standing desire to promote inner growth, inspired by Jesus Christ’s Gospel above all. It has published Spoladore’s work for more than 20 years.



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