Parashakti Sigalit

Parashakti Sigalit is the founder and creator of Dance of Liberation™ (DOL), a method of movement therapy and deep process work that draws on shamanic traditions to help individuals achieve emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual integration. 

As a certified yoga instructor, she received teachings from Swami Sachidananda, founder of Integral Yoga, and studied TranceDance with Shaman Wilbert Alix. She facilitates major yoga and dance festivals around the globe, including One World Spirit Dance in Arizona and in Israel at the Tree of Life under Rebbe Gabriel Cousens, as well as founding NYC's The Body Temple and Liberation Lounge. 

She is cofounder of Sanctuary in the City an alternative treatment program at Recover Integrity in Los Angeles and is launching the East Coast branch of DOL for Recovery. Working on both an individual and group basis, Parashakti has successfully adapted the teachings of the Dance of Liberation as a modality for recovery from addiction, PTSD, and disordered eating. In her private SoulHealing practice, she assists clients in achieving full wellness in body, mind, and spirit as well as recovery from a range of illnesses.

With more than two decades of experience facilitating workshops, trainings, and DOL retreats in Los Angeles, New York, Guatemala, Indonesia, Israel, and Greece, she has worked with more than 10,000 dancers worldwide. Her award-winning documentary, Dance of Liberation, had its world premiere at the Sedona Film Festival.