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Pilin Anice

Pilin Anice

Pilin Anice is a dance and yoga instructor, holistic nutrition coach, performing artist, and model. 

Pilin is an alumna of Howard University, where she was awarded the Debbie & Phylicia Ayers-Allen Performing Arts Scholarship and trained at Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre. For more than 14 years, she has studied with masters of West African dance, Duhnam Technique, and African Diasporic dances of Haiti, Cuba, and Brazil. She earned her RYT at Reflections Yoga in Guatemala and is certified in holistic nutrition, Thai Massage Therapy, and Afro Flow Yoga instructor under the tutelage of founder and mentor Leslie Salmon Jones. Passionate about helping others tune into their highest self by improving their health and wellbeing, Pilin guides students of all ages in the sacred movements of  yoga and dance through a range of workshops and classes. 

Pilin has been featured on the Today Show, BET/CentricTV, and YogaXpress

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