Richard Michaels

Richard Michaels, MCC, CPCC, coauthor of Coaching for Transformation: Pathways to Ignite Personal and Social Change, is cofounder, partner, and director of the Leadership That Works Coaching for Transformation. A master certified coach, Gestalt therapist, fundraiser, and artist, he has led seminars on personal, professional, and spiritual development for more than 30 years.

Originally an architect, Michaels left that field in 1972 to become a founding member, trustee, teacher, and fundraiser at Kripalu. He began coaching as an extension of his Exploring Your Life Mission (ELM) workshops in 1997 and this immediately grew beyond ELM to a broad range of clients.

Today, Michaels is an executive coach and a life coach who designs and delivers programs that range from introductory to advanced levels. The Leadership That Works Coaching for Transformation program began in 2005 in New York City and now is presented in many places nationally, and internationally, in person and online.

Richard Michaels uses his techniques with a wide range of clients including executives and small business owners, therapists, coaches and other helping professionals. The common thread in his coaching is in-depth transformation through increasing self-awareness, self-confidence, creativity, skillfulness in communication and effective action.

Outside of coaching and working with groups, Michaels is a passionate oil painter and author of Moments on Canvas: Paintings by Richard Michaels. “Painting has been a source of inspiration, learning, and satisfaction," he says. "It has altered and deepened my way of seeing and experiencing life.”