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Rick ‘Jyozen’ Beal


Rick ‘Jyozen’ Beal

Rick ‘Jyozen’ Beal began his meditation and martial arts practice at six years old. He continued in the early 1980s with instruction in Japanese Archery and Sword with Hirotaka Okubo Sensei. In 1983, he met his current Sensei, Hirokazu ‘Kaizan’ Kosaka. Kosaka Sensei is a Shingon Buddhist Priest and a leader in many of the Japanese Arts including tea ceremony, calligraphy, and archery.

Jyozen took the vows of Buddhist monk at Kanzeon-ji Zen Temple and is current the head priest at Jizo-an, a small zendo dedicated as a Official Zen Temple by Watanabe Osho.

Jyozen has disciples in Zen and Zen Archery across the United States and internationally.