Robert Gass, EdD, has been known for leading edge work in human consciousness and organizational change for more than 30 years. Holding a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Organizational Development from Harvard, his work synthesizes a diverse background in humanistic psychology, organizational behavior, social change, business, music, and spiritual studies.

Gass is the former President of ARC International, a global consulting company specializing in transformational change with Fortune 500 companies. As an organizational consultant, he has worked with corporations such as General Motors, Chase Bank, and Motorola. Gass’ current work focuses on leadership development and movement building for environmental sustainability and progressive social change. Designer of the Rockwood Art of Leadership trainings, he has trained leaders across North America and currently consults to activist groups such as the Tides Foundation, Rainforest Action Network, and, as well as leaders in the Obama Administration and Chiefs of Staff in the United States Senate.

Cocreator (with his wife and life partner of more than 40 years, Judith Ansara) of the Sharing the Path retreat and Opening the Heart workshops, Robert Gass has offered seminars to more than 100,000 individuals on leadership, relationships, and spirituality worldwide. Also a highly regarded composer and recording artist, Gass has released more than 20 CDs of chant with his renowned singing group On Wings of Song, including Om Namaha Shivaya and Ancient Mother He is author of Chanting: Discovering Spirit in Sound.

What People are Saying About Robert Gass

“Robert and Judith's retreat is the most profound couples work I have ever done. It totally rejuvenated my relationship with my wife. It helped me see how to practically create and live the relationship we’ve always wanted. I learned more in this six-day retreat than in years of reading books and listening to audio programs. Your wisdom, love and devotion to our growth are truly amazing. I recommend this workshop to all my friends, colleagues and students.”
—Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

“[Robert Gass and On Wings of Song] bring about magical transformation and inspire people with extraordinary, uplifting, and spiritual music.”
—Deepak Chopra, MD, author of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

“Leadership training with Robert will rock your world. It certainly changed mine. His program and mentoring has taught me how to lead with both more elegance, and more effectiveness than I ever thought possible."
—Mike Brune, Executive Director, Sierra Club