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RoboFun, a division of Vision Education & Media (VEM), works with schools, organizations, camps, and museums to teach emerging technologies creatively and effectively. They help students create LEGO robots, design video games, and direct stop motion animations using a constructivist, hands-on approach that emphasizes problem solving and critical thinking.

Their philosophy of learning is rooted in constructivism. Constructivism emphasizes a hands-on problem solving and project-based approach to learning that challenges students to think creatively, apply concepts, and actively "construct" meaning. Founded in the belief that individuals learn in unique and complex ways, this approach offers students an opportunity to conduct their own research and experiments in the pursuit of knowledge. 

RoboFun workshops involve collaboration on multi-faceted projects that use raw data, primary sources, manipulatives, and interactive materials. Technology is an important tool for this kind of learning, but is not the central focus of the experience.

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