Ronly Blau

Ronly Blau

Ronly Blau, certified yoga instructor and ayurvedic practitioner, has been teaching yoga and meditation for almost two decades, offering annual retreats and classes at her studio HERE Yoga & Mindfulness Center.

Ronly nourishes the mind-body, awakens awareness, and unifies community by integrating yoga, mindfulness, breath awareness, and Ayurvedic wisdom. The cohesive and creative sequencing of poses is enhanced by her previous occupation as a professional dancer and her emphasis on mindfulness is supported by a longtime personal practice of vipassana meditation.

Her longtime joy is in offering a space for spiritual connection, compassion and community. She is a graduate of the Mindful Yoga and Meditation Training at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and studied yoga extensively with Kathleen Hunt and Angela Farmer.

Blau is coauthor of the Ayurveda health book, The Mindbody Cleanse.

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