Ruth Lauer-Manenti

Ruth Lauer-Manenti

Ruth Lauer-Manenti imparts the teachings of yoga to many students around the world, most often to overflowing classes in New York City at the Jivamukti Yoga School. An Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher and Yoga Sutra expert, she has been teaching Jivamukti Yoga for more than 25 years. Her personal interpretations of the Bhagavad Gita, Master Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika are insightful, understandable, and poignant.

Ruth Lauer-Manenti has an master of fine arts degree from Yale University, where she has taught painting and printmaking. She is author of An Offering of Leaves and Sweeping the Dust.

What People are Saying About Ruth Lauer-Manenti

"Ruth understanding of the philosophy of yoga through all that she has experienced in her many dedicated years of practice under the guidance of my grandfather, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois."
—Sharath Rangaswamy

“Ruth sees not only beauty and wonder in the world around her, but receives profound guidance from observing everyday activities like an old woman getting her hands dirty changing a flat tire or ants carrying carrots. This is because to Ruth all of life pulsates with the wisdom teachings of the guru, the enlightenment principle that surrounds and permeates through all of us at all times.
—Sharon Gannon, cofounder of Jivamukti Yoga