Satya Scainetti

Satya Scainetti

Satya Scainetti, chief executive officer and cofounder of Satya Jewelry, has achieved worldwide success by creating stunning, symbolic jewelry that reflects her customers' personal style and truth. A philanthropist, yogi, and Reiki healer, Scainetti lives a lifestyle dedicated to giving back to the world community.

Raised in a large family of artists, Scainetti's love of music and fashion ignited her passion for jewelry design at a young age. Later, she moved to Manhattan, where she launched her career in design and developed her unique aesthetic at esteemed fashion accessories houses.

After attending a 35-day Sivananda Yoga teacher training in the Bahamas, Scainetti believed she could use her talent in jewelry design to foster profound social change. When the training ended, she was ordained the new spiritual name, Satya, meaning "truth," a name that traces its roots to yoga and spiritual enlightenment.

Satya ScainettiĀ approached friend and coworker Beth Torstrick Ward to cofound Satya Jewelry in 2002. Since then, Scainetti has built a devoted global following as she creates personalized, meaningful jewelry.

Scainetti's ingenuity, background in social work, and passion for early childhood education also sparked the creation of the Satya Foundation. The nonprofit organization provides aid to children and families living in impoverished countries, offering hope, change, and the opportunity to fulfill their destinies.