Seana Lowe Steffen

Seana Lowe Steffen

We are saddened by the loss of Seana Lowe Steffen, who passed away in September 2017.

Seana Lowe Steffen, PhD, was the founder and CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer) of the Restorative Leadership Institute, which cultivates leadership and enterprise that fulfills humanity’s potential and elevates the quality of life on earth for all. 

Seana served as faculty at the University of Colorado at Boulder as the founding director of INVST Community Studies, where she delivered educational programs to benefit humanity and the environment. She brought more than 25 years of experience in strategic consulting, capacity building, leadership and organizational development to clients such as the Carter Center, Engineers Without Borders, Hewlett Packard International, and The Sustainability Consortium. She has trained and consulted nationally and globally, including Senegal, Mexico, and Rwanda.

In public service, Seana co-founded Explore Expeditionary Learning School, which received the first Colorado “Commissioner’s Choice Award for Getting Results,” and Rocky Mountain Youth Corps, the first rural regional youth corps in the country and a recipient of White House recognition for positive change in the Southwest. She was a participatory action researcher and a published scholar in the fields of education, leadership, sustainability, community development and social change, with the distinction of having served on a quick-response national research team following September 11th. 

Seana recieved the ETown National Public Radio’s “E-chievement Award”, and the Mortar Board’s “Outstanding Professor” award and was nominated for the Ford Foundation “Leadership for a Changing World Award.” As a certified B(enefit) Corp, the Restorative Leadership Institute received the 2013 global “Best for Community” award.

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