Sherry Wheaton, MD, is a physician who enjoys exploring the cutting edge. She began practicing geriatric medicine in 1985 when very few had even heard of the field. Because of her commitment to education and self-responsibility in health care, she became a CBS on-the-air health reporter in 1992.

After a life-changing accident in 2000, Wheaton transitioned into the symbolic world of Jungian psychology, seeing modern medicine as a machine that eradicates the symptom and ignores the deeper meaning. She came to believe that the 21st century healer must learn to listen to the messages of the body, not treat the body as something to be manipulated into submission.

Sherry Wheaton has facilitated workshops for women with chronic illnesses and uses movement as a way to help others listen to the messages of the body. She has encouraged many women to open their eyes to their inner healer and find their unique path to wholeness. Wheaton has completed the Trauma Resiliency Model training, and the three-year BodySoul Rhythms® Leadership Training through the Marion Woodman Foundation. She also holds a blue belt in the Nia Technique, which encourages the joy of movement.