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Sobonfu Somé

Sobonfu Somé

Sobonfu Somé, whose name means “keeper of ritual,” is an initiated member of the Dagara tribe of Burkina Faso and one of the foremost authorities on African spirituality residing in the West. She and her husband, Malidoma Somé, both residents of the United States, teach the ancient wisdom of their tribe in workshops and trainings throughout the world.

Sobonfu’s destiny was foretold before her birth, as is the custom of the Dagara Tribe. Recognized by village elders as possessing special gifts, she was given early education in ritual and initiation, in preparation for her life's work, which she describes as “a journey in self discovery and in building community through rituals.”

Dagara rituals involve healing and preparing the mind, body, and soul to receive the spirituality that surrounds us. “It is always challenging to bring the spiritual into the material world, but it is one of the only ways we can put people back in touch with the earth and their inner values,” says Somé. Her work has moved African spiritual practices from the realm of anthropology to a place alongside the world's great spiritual traditions, revealing their profound significance and practical applications for Westerners.

Somé also works continuously to improve the daily life of her people. Her books include: The Spirit of Intimacy: Ancient African Teachings in the Ways of Relationships; Welcoming Spirit Home: Ancient African Teachings to Celebrate Children and Community; and Falling Out of Grace: Meditations on Loss, Healing, and Wisdom.